Isokinetic Wall Mount Swim Bench for Dry Land Training Model #84 with (2) 101 Mini Gyms
For Homes/Swim Clubs

Train Fast to be Fast with our Classic model # 84 w/ your own workout bench….price $895.00 plus USA Mainland UPS Shipping
Variable speed governor
30 minute assembly
Simulates all-stroke training

Isokinetic resistance
Three of the key ingredients needed for a successful competitive swimmer are: stroking, power, and motivation. With our isokinetic Swim Bench, we measure, monitor, and develop these three ingredients, as well as specific muscle development. When a swimmer is moving slowly through the water, very little energy is used and the water provides very little resistance. Moving quickly, the water provides accommodating resistance to the speed or force of movement, same as our isokinetic Mini-Gyms. Thus, the act of swimming is really isokinetic exercise.

Model #84
2 piece framework provided for wall mount, with 2 mini gyms 101 exercisers

2 Wall mount Swim Bench...(No Bench Provided)
Swimmers use their own workout bench.

....Permits additional leg exercisers or wall mounting when shortening rope.

Model #85 with Mini Gym 101 or Super Mini Gym 190
--- with optional rotating chest pad #31

Rotating chest pad provides 45 degrees of tilting for both back and free - and locks for breast fly.

Model #85 with Mini Gym 101 or Super Mini Gym 190 (No Rotator)

Model #85 with no rotator

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